Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our plans for 2011

We are actively looking for new volunteers to vet for like minded AWA members. We have published 200 large posters this year to kick off our opening of this "world's best ecological trek". We have 100,000 feeding trees in our nursery to re-forest around our project, creating a food chain to preserve our endangered species in our private ecological reserve.
This is what we hope to accomplish this year:
* Have a FAM trip for agencies to promote our new trek.
* AWA is applying for grants to build a lodge half way along the path to make it a 2 day trek.
* To install thatch roof rest areas in scenic spots along the way, handy for the short showers.
* To install flush toilets at intervals.
* To widen the trail in places and place stone steps on slippery slopes.
* Install culverts leveling paths over streams, and thatch roofs over our log bridges.
* Perhaps make swinging bridges and zip lines over waterfall streams that flood with rains.
* With the trail income, increase education from 10 year olds to 16 or more in the villages.
* Install internet connection for village, AWA, schools, and village medical clinic.

Hopefully we can accomplish and complete this project so that AWA can move on to even more ambitious projects next year in this unfolding "best combination ecological AND archaeological zone of the Americas".

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