Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 update

In 2010 AD the serving AWA volunteers became members and picked up new volunteers. After accessing our previous work, and with a new vehicle road passing much closer to the waterfall's trek, we changed our construction to follow the dry ledge on a gigantic cliff face at the end of the road. On the other side of this same high plateau, the Gocta Waterfall was located with a discharge into the Utcabamba River along the road to Chachapoyas. Our teams worked at "warp speed" completing the 10 km path from Yumbilla to the Chanata Waterfalls. On one side of our path was a cliff soaring 300 meters above and off the ledge another 300 meter drop. The waterfalls break their fall on this ledge and then fall on the other side. This path passes 8 gigantic waterfalls as high as any of the continental USA. For Peru, this path was about as level as you could get with mainly dips around trees and rock outcrops. It is covered with a pristine un-cut forest that is rare in the Amazon. At the top of the waterfalls is the "cloud forest" and the "rainforest" is below, creating many mini-ecological zones and life adapted to each. Our project has 4 of the world's most endangered species. In August the village planted 15,000 trees to reforest areas below our waterfalls.

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